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Satin Black Cabinet Painting in Pensacola FL

Updated: May 13, 2018

Having just bought a new home and in need of Professional Cabinet Painting & Refinishing services in Pensacola, FL a lovely couple contacted B&B Signature Painting for a personal design consultation. Saddled with these traditional pickled oak cabinets luckily paired with accent iridescent back-splash and counter-tops, this Kitchen desperately needed Our Signature Finish to compliment the client's classic taste.

Refinish Cabinet vs. new cabinets  
  • Refinishing cabinets is a fraction of the cost of replacing.  Coupled with this fact are the significant savings from additional work required with new cabinets – demolition, installation, other trades work, not to mention the hassle of their dust!

  • If a new Cabinet door and drawer style is desired, they alone can be replaced at great savings over total replacement of cabinets or even refacing.


AT B&B Signature Painting We are consistently told that our kitchen cabinet painting greatly exceeded expectations given or known from other traditional painting companies that paint everything including cabinets. At B&B we specialize in Cabinet Painting & Refinishing and have transformed many kitchens – quickly, easily, and at a fraction of the cost of replacing or even refacing cabinets. 

Beautiful Appearance
  • Tough finish that pass all new cabinet manufacturer's testing requirements for resistance to moisture, and stains

  • Surfaces that are so smooth, they invite to be touched

  • Seamless joints & Eased edges & Corners

  • Sharp crisp lines at non-painted surfaces 

  • Peace of Mind that you will love the way your Signature Cabinets look exceptional– for a long time to come: 

  • Sample Panels of the actual color and sheen are provided to view in your kitchen  for approval prior to proceeding with work.

  • No disappointment due to color variation

  • Paints are “color-fast” meaning they have excellent color retention and the color stays true and does not yellow, fade, or darken as occurs with most cabinet paints


Our Exclusive Signature Process incorporates meticulous preparation steps to ensure proper adhesion of tenacious bonding primer, with our B&B standardized surface protection and dust containment system. The result? A beautiful Craftsman Quality kitchen as clean as when we arrived. 

Dust Free Process   
  • No mess of demolition

  • Cabinet box openings are fully sealed to eliminate the need for removal of contents

  • Filtered venting

  • Festool HEPA-Certified Dustless Extractors, Sanders & Abrasives to contain dust at the source of its production.

  • Surfaces not to be painted are completely protected, including floors, walls, and appliances

Rapid Turnaround and low impact  
  • Kitchen cabinet painting takes approximately 1 week in your home 

  • All cabinet doors and drawer fronts are removed and professionally painted & refinished a our B&B Fine-Finish Shop

  • Appliances stay in place

  • No lengthy process of removal of the existing cabinets

  • No long waiting for cabinet demolition, delivery, and the all too common delays, while living with no kitchen.


At B&B we are driven and experienced craftsmen with a passion to deliver highly durable beautiful finishes using non-toxic coatings.  This craftsmanship is combined with a dedication to exceptional customer service and a daily striving toward perfection. 


Design the Style you want: Traditional or Contemporary -- Modern or Classic
  • Select any color, or match to whatever you’d like such as tile or counter

  • Any sheen level or Finish

  • Smooth spray finish on-site, or

  • Precisely Brushed low impact option

  • Glazing or our Signature Second finishes to accent or distress surfaces

  • New Hardware if desired, for a completely new look

  • Even doors and drawer fronts can be replaced if damaged beyond desired look

Healthy & Safe
  • B&B is at the forefront, the cutting-edge of researching, testing, and implementing high performing non-toxic, environmentally friendly products

  • Waterborne primers, paints, and protective clear coats serve as the building block for Our Signature Cabinet-Coating Process

  • All of the coating products we utilize are non-toxic, very low VOC to zero VOC, and can be safely applied in an inhabited house, condo or business

  • No toxic solvent or lacquer based products are used, as are typically used for cabinet painting

Exceptional Durability 
  • Our Signature Process employs an innovative, unique urethane modified acrylic formulation that provides a tough scratch resistant finish that are not only safe but perform extraordinarily well.

  • High resistance to scuffs and abrasion 

  • Extremely washable

  • Excellent water resistance

  • Standardized preparation procedures to ensure a proper bond, this starts with the paint foundation and difference is directly seen in our product finish.

  • Strong adhesion to wood and other coatings to prevent chipping or flaking

Full-Service Craftsmanship
  • Craftsmen specifically trained and experienced in cabinet preparation and painting

  • dedicated spray shop for cabinetry fine spray finishes

  • on-site spray or hand crafted brush finishes if desired

  • Adjustment of doors and drawers to ensure smooth closure & symmetry is included

  • B&B partners with custom cabinet companies to provide modifications to cabinetry if desired, including new hinges, new doors and drawers, and consulting/design.

At B&B Signature Painting --> Cabinets are our Passion -- Any Cabinets, Any Room -- Can benefit from our Signature Cabinet Coating Process. Out Signature Cabinet Coatings can be applied to any type of cabinet, including vanities, book cases, entertainment centers, and built-ins -- As well as, Furniture, Doors, & Trim (Fireplaces & Columns etc.)

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