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Get The Signature Cabinet Painting Experience, serving Pensacola, FL; Milton, FL; and Gulf Breeze, FL.

At B&B, Cabinet Painting & Refinishing is our passion! Giving every client an affordable fine-finish and a personal touch with a smile.  Our Signature Cabinet Painting Process, from prep to finish, maximizes new paint technologies while balancing the Spectrum with the latest in environmentally friendly products. We would love to personally consult & design with you. Call B&B First!

Our Promise


  • Premier Experience

  • Craftsman Quality

  • Cutting Edge Techniques



At B&B we offer The Premier Experience, not based on the limit of your budget, but our goal of giving every client an affordable Craftsman Quality fine - finish and a personal touch with a smile.  Our Exclusive Signature Process - from prep to finish - maximizes new paint technologies, while balancing the spectrum with the latest in environmentally friendly products and cutting edge techniques.  


We don't just lock you into a regimented process -- of paint and repeat -- but give each client an individual experience that is second to literally none. Let us give you the beautiful Signature Finish your project absolutely deserves today.















Benjamin Moore, since 1883, now into the next century; with their own Research and Development team, they've created a zero - VOC waterborne colorant system designed to work exclusively with their newest products and to deliver superior color performance across the color spectrum, making it environment friendly with over 3500+ incredible colors to choose from.


This system is called Gennex®. Gennex® is an industry changer that sets the new standard for paint performance and low emissions. Benjamin Moore now boasts the greenest line of products in the industry, while maintaining to provide the highest quality paints.


This means when you purchase Benjamin Moore paint, you're getting the most environment friendly paint that will look fresh and vibrant for years to come. Ask Us about our color matching system and our product warranty & guarantee.

Our Products

  • Superior Color Performance

  • Greenest Line of Products
  • Highest Quality Paints


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