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Our Signature Process


Get in touch today to set up your  B&B Signature Profile and schedule a Personal in-home or Virtual Contact-less



Discover what Colors INSPIRE you in your life and cast the Mood upon your home today with the Perfect B&B Signature Painting Color Match


B&B ascertains what Inspires you and personally DESIGN your space around this balance in order to capture your perfect INSPIRATION & MOOD


At  B&B we are dedicated to providing each client with a relaxing experience, a clean work environment, and our Beautiful Signature Finish  "WE DON'T LEAVE YOU NEEDING A VACATION"

Cutting - Edge Techniques

Why it Matters




See it in action

Our Signature Refinishing Process


At B&B our cleaning products are Green- Safe. Zero residue or contaminants are left behind with Our Signature Process


With B&B all needed repairs are done with precision and careful attention in preparation for Sanding & Primer Surfacer


Leave it to B&B to be on the cutting edge of Technology with our HEPA CT Dust Extraction, Abrasives & Sanders to keep the environment clean & dust free


At B&B with Our Signature Finish we "Prep to Finish" & prime all surfaces with a tenacious bonding primer that sticks to all surfaces & accepts all top coats. The Primer is Essential to preparing the surface for the Finish Top Coat


With B&B we've taken the guess work out because we've put the hard work in. Our Signature Finish is beautifully sprayed with a Unique Urethane Modified Acrylic Formulation that not only Resists Stains & Scratches, BUT Moisture, Mildew, Dirt and Grease


At B&B, our dedication to Research and Development is our driving force in seeking out the most Innovative Industrial Wood Coating (IWC) system. Designed to work exclusively with Cabinetry, Furniture, and Trim to deliver superior ADHESION, SCRATCH RESISTANCE & LONGEVITY across the color spectrum; making it environment friendly with an UNLIMITED selection of incredible colors to choose from incorporating the industries most accurate 3 point color matching system.


This European Coating system is an industry game-changer that sets the new standard for paint performance and low emissions. With the list of benefits growing daily, our clients can become a part of the growing number of home owners to go GREEN

The end result is a far Superior Coating System

that will look fresh and vibrant for years to come.


At B&B our Professionals offer The Premier Experience, not based on the limit of your budget, but our goal of giving every client an affordable fine-finish and a personal touch with a smile.  


Our Signature Process from prep to finish maximizes new paint technologies -- while balancing the spectrum with the latest in environmentally friendly products & cutting-edge techniques.


 We don't just lock you into the regimented universal process of -- paint and repeat --  but give each client an individual experience that is second to literally none. Let us give you the personal Signature Treatment your project absolutely deserves today.

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