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 Cabinet Painting & Refinishing

The B&B Signature:


Some claim a permanent - coating process for cabinets, that is unique to them alone, which in actuality is SIMPLY the standard process that is recommended for all surfaces. But with B&B - we have forged Our Exclusive Signature Cabinet Coating Process &



At B&B We believe Cabinet Finishes should be Craftsman Quality and have a soft furniture-like feel to them with smooth lines and excellent longevity, looking beautiful for years to come -- not just upon completion. We take your dirty, faded, water-damaged, and aged looking Cabinets and Refinish them to a smooth Factory - Luster. Our Signature Cabinet Coating Product can bring life back to old, worn out cabinets for $1000's less than replacing your cabinets. And because it's so tough it's preferred on all Furniture, Doors, and Trim though-out your home.

Product Features

B&B Signature Painting
  • Unique urethane modified acrylic formulation provides a tough scratch resistant finish

  • Our Signature Cabinet Coating is not your ordinary trim paint

  • The Cabinet Coat is so tough, the finish passes all new cabinet manufacturer's testing requirements for resistance to impact,moisture, and stain

  • Highly washable: stains, dirt, grease and other household soils cleans easily with warm soap and water

  • Withstands repeated washings and high moisture conditions normally found in kitchens and bath areas

  • Resists the growth of mold and mildew on the paint surface

  • Provides an exceptionally tough coating that is also excellent for doors and trim areas


STEP # 1 Project

Attention to Detail

  • Floor Protection with Rosin Construction Paper & Plastic

  • Counter Protection with Steel Coat Plastic

  • All Appliances within space are covered and protected

  • Doors & Drawers are Labeled, Removed and Inspected for damage

  • All items removed will be Professionally Refinished at B&B Signature Painting Fine Finish Spray Shop

  • On-site Prep Work begins with Our Signature Process

STEP # 2 Project
  • With Our Signature Process - all areas to be Refinished have been cleaned, repaired, and sprayed with up to 2 coats of a tenacious Bonding Primer and allowed to dry. *Proprietary actions are taken during this step to ensure Proper Bond of Primer to Substrate, and like wise subsequent layers of Top-Coat.

  • Finish Sanding begins, Featuring Festool CT Dust Extraction, Abrasives, & Sanders

  • With a keen eye inspection begins, before application of up to 3 Finish Coats

  • Finish Spray Work begins and is applied to the proper mil thickness for each product and application

  • Doors, Drawers, Boxes and Trim-work are allowed to Dry & Cure before installation of B&B Signature Cabinet Refinish

STEP # 3 Project

Installation Day!

  • Your B&B Signature Refinished Cabinet Doors and Drawers are installed and adjusted for closure and symmetry

  • New Premium bump stops  applied to doors and drawers to ensure soft closure on your cabinetry

  • Hardware installed and adjusted for symmetry and if selected, new Hardware is installed -- Measuring and Drilling to accommodate New Hardware is included in Our B&B Signature Process

  • Client Satisfaction is Our Guarantee. All of our B&B Signature Services come with our UN-MATCHED  2 Year Warranty. Just Ask Our Clients personally, they would love to Rave & Review about B&B Signature Painting

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