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Teak Furniture Restoration at PCC - Pensacola Country Club: Furniture Refinishing in Pensacola, FL

Teak: Richness and Class

There is a deep color and rich appearance inherent in teak that makes it stand out from pine, cedar and cypress – all lumber used often for outdoor decor.

Teak outdoor furniture has always had a place of Distinction when it comes to reputable substrates that looks great and have excellent longevity. When you invest in Teak Furniture or outdoor accessories, you have been added to the long list of savvy consumers who decided to enjoy its sleek and rich appearance and benefit from its rugged sustainability

About Teak Furniture

Natural oils in the wood not only look fantastic, they offer protection from the drying effects of the sun.  This means that your teak outdoor items will crack and split less, no matter how extreme the climate.

Teak wood outdoor furniture is a cultural mainstay chosen for both its timeless and tasteful qualities.

When You know your Teak Maintenance has hit a snag

But, with time and neglect, new teak furniture -- because of location and conditions -- can go from a distinguished Classic, inviting, silver patina, to a rough snagging uninviting eyesore.

Quality teak furniture will last for many years and provide hours of enjoyment. A distinctive, natural and timeless material, teak speaks to us with authenticity and warmth. With minimal care, premium grade A, mortise and tenon constructed teak furniture is a sustainable choice for generations.

The Teak Furniture Obviously had seen better days. Quite honestly it probably had 7-10 years of neglect and needed a Signature touch! Luckily B&B is highly skilled in teak Refinishing, Care & Maintenance. We use High Quality water-based tinted sealers specifically engineered to withstand UV and provide great color and moisture retention.

B&B Signature Furniture Restoration at its Finest

With Our Signature Furniture Refinishing Process, no matter what the substrate or what condition, we can make it look new again for future generations.

Have Teak Furniture that needs a facelift:

Take your Teak Furniture from Dilapidated to Distinguished again with B&B Signature Painting.

Don't know where to turn? B&B can remove the ugly surface layers and restore your teak furniture back to new-again.

Give B&B a call Today! 850.607.3202

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