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B&B Signature Painting | Cabinet Painting Pensacola, Milton-Pace, Gulf Breeze, FL

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Why Trust B&B over other Painting Companies?

At B&B it is our Promise to give every client an affordable Fine-Finish accomplished through Our Signature Process. We have a dedicated Fine - Finish Spray shop to fulfill any task. Specifically we would like you to hear it from our customer’s perspective please take a look at Ravings & Reviews

Master Craftsmanship

Highly Skilled Craftsmen

Professional Painters often make lofty boasts about their skills and experience. Skilled career craftsmen in the industry prove these claims with their own hands -- In order to provide a consistent service meeting the highest quality standards. If this delicate task must be accomplished by another besides the Skilled Craftsman with the experience, it should not be done by someone hired last week.

Many Painting Contractors with decades and decades of experience in the field have hired and fired many people through the years, as a result, the once possibly great process and system has deteriorated with their lack of over-site and refusal to actually use certain technologies. We speak from experience having worked and labored beside many great contractors in Pensacola but after many years of practice and dedication, we decided to forge Our own Signature Process to meet the Standard of excellence we strive toward, "We strive toward this perfection daily". In other words, our bar is set much higher, our Attention to detail more meticulous, our Drive - has more dedication, our standard in excellence is far more Superior.

Dedication to the Craft

Surprisingly to some, but to be a great painter it takes a very Particular Person– it requires a combination of skills, experience and advance planning capability that comes through time and superior knowledge of paints/materials/substrates/weather, thorough attention to detail and good ole fashioned hard work.

Our Signature Process

At B&B the most vital key to our consistent high quality, is our standard for excellence seen in all aspects and fulfilled through Our Signature Process.

We've taken the guess work out because we've already put the hard work in. We actually employ and apply cutting edge technology that can be seen in our technique.

Our finished product actually looks new and has a smooth Furniture-Like Feel to the fronts and the backs. We put the proper amount of paint on the surface and allow it to cure. Other local companies apply one heavy coat to the front, a mist coat to the back and deliver your doors hoping you never look at the edges to see the paint is either not there or dripping down the sides.

While trying to permanently coat the front of the door in a plastic like covering - a heavy handed coat delivers a copious amount of paint- the doors arrive very soft and instructions will be given not to touch the doors and drawers very much for as much as 30 days. This happens time and time again, and this is all accomplished by a very expensive paint not even meant for cabinetry or high traffic surfaces. These products that are used most often fail very soon, within 1 year and require multiple touch ups. We have personally had to redo these cabinet projects after multiple failed attempts by the other contractors. Their former clients just got fed up with the constant run-around.

Superior knowledge and Expertise

The questions today are more complicated than just oil or latex. Paint and the technologies associated with application have seen a drastic change over the last 15-20 years. B&B is involved heavily in product training, research, and testing to ensure that we have the knowledge skill-set for the latest and finest paint products and their correct application. Improper paint/primer combinations can have very negative affects on the ability of a paint job to last, resulting in time consuming and costly remedies. For example, there are a variety of primers with different purposes and characteristics. It is critical that the proper primer be selected for each situation taking into consideration factors such as: adhesion to different materials , stain blocking of wood tannin, sealing porous surfaces, flexibility or rigidity for different applications, color-retention and UV fade etc.

Meticulous Surface Preparation

With B&B we ensure preparation quality by conducting a Quality Assurance inspection prior to any finish painting. As a standard in Excellence, we use unique techniques and cutting edge technology for meticulously cleaning, prepping and finishing surfaces for our beautiful Signature Finish. The Proper cleaning and preparation of the surface prior to painting is the most critical foundational step in any beautiful, long lasting paint job. Cutting out these preparation steps and high quality procedures is what lets other paint contractors paint your cabinets in a high production poor manner. The doors are sprayed assembly line style and over spray gets all over finished doors. Each piece should be treated and sprayed individually and placed on a drying rack further away from the spray booth.

We have a keen eye for diagnosing causes of paint failure

At B&B we specialize in identifying causes of previous paint application errors and substrate failures, all while properly addressing them to ensure a long lasting Craftsman Quality paint job. This is critical not only for old surfaces but for brand new ones as well.

It is a patent fact that the ability of a paint job to withstand time and look great will depend largely on addressing problems existing with the surfaces prior to painting. This step is largely skipped and quickly paint is applied.

Technologically Advanced Application Methods

Whether it be a brush, roller, or fine spray finish, The Professionals at B&B are skilled in applying high quality and durable coatings. We actually have training sessions ourselves with new products and have a professional mastery on how to apply different types and brands of paints and other coatings. The different types of paints and application methods for each variable or condition is only learned through experience and technical mastery. The methods for each product application and system vary more than one realizes.

Cutting Edge Tools & Equipment

B&B invests in leading and cutting edge equipment and tools in order to consistently perform high quality work efficiently and safely. We have the best sanders, vacuums, sprayers, etc. on the market– to provide the best finish and ensure appliance and floor protection. We evaluate and put to test by procedure, tools and equipment to determine the best to use for different purposes and practices for each project. We get the job done right the first time!

We believe in Prompt and Accurate Communication

At B&B it is our priority to ensure operational efficiency and that project details are communicated to clients promptly. We work closely with General Contractors, Architects and Designers locally.

We personally Consult with you for Inspiration, Design, Color & Finish.

Finding the Perfect color takes time and often takes multiple samples. B&B provides real paint/stain/finish samples of every coating to be applied before work is started. We will not proceed unless you are happy with the color!

Containment of Paint/Dry-wall Debris & Dust

B&B focuses on the safety of families and investments very seriously. B&B incorporates unique methods of containing paint dust at the source with FESTOOL HEPA certified dust extraction systems integrated with our Sanders & Abrasives.

It is illegal to power sand lead paint without such a dust containment system. This innovative approach provides a smooth, long lasting finished product all while keeping your home and surrounding areas clean and safe.

Standardized Procedures for Protection of Property and Non-painted Surfaces is another step often skipped by most painting companies around town. Protecting our client’s property and surfaces not to be painted such as vegetation, walkways, patios, floors, carpets, tile, counters, furniture, hardware and other non-painted surfaces.

Proper containment of paint dust and chips that are generated is crucial to protecting our clients from the ill effects of paint and plaster dust. This also eliminates the potential for dust and debris to migrate into surrounding areas.

Meticulous Clean-Up

Job site clean up each day, as well as at the end of the job, is a vital component B&B Signature Services. Dust containment shouldn't be an after-thought, it should be ingrained in technique. We promise that provide a clean and relaxing experience, every time - every client.

Exceptional Service

For B&B, delivering exceptional service really is our mainstay and equals in importance as providing master craftsmanship. We provide a Clean and Relaxing Experience with Courteous and Respectful Communications. We treat our clients the way we would want to be treated and have a personal commitment to providing stellar customer service

We return all phone calls and e-mails promptly and We provide professional consultations and give an Honest, Detailed quote for Labor & Materials.The details we provide are very clear and easily broke down - detailing all aspects of the project such as surfaces to be painted, products, preparation notes, procedures for you the homeowner, the number of coats of paint to be applied, the methods and systems used and the extent of surface preparation as far as time and variables is concerned and projected timelines for the project based on weather and your schedule.

We strive to provide the right price for the required work & scope performed to the highest standards of craftsmanship and excellence. Our goal is to develop long-term clients through providing Signature service that more than exceed the expectations of each client.

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