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Glossy white trim is a classic, but why not think beyond white or cream? A colored trim against a neutral wall will showcase a room’s unique architecture. Or consider an OMBRE effect by painting walls different shades of one color, with darker hues closer to the bottom.

Details. Details, Details.

Choosing the right sheen can enhance color. Painting the walls in a gloss will add dimension and levity. Semi-gloss on a low ceiling will move light around the space and create the illusion of height. From a practical standpoint, remember that shinier finishes look best on smooth, well-prepped (e.g. spackled, sanded, etc.) surfaces, while matte or flat paints are more forgiving of imperfections.

Sheen 101

Sheen puts the finishing statement on your color of choice:

Flat – low sheen, very forgiving

Matte/Eggshell – Durable, flexible for most parts of the home

Semi-Gloss – Luminous finish that highlights architectural details

Take a first-look at sheens here.

Get in touch with us to see sheen samples–first hand–before you decide.

Then visit your local Benjamin Moore store for a closer look.


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