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Cabinet Painting or Cabinet Refinishing?

When traditional cabinetry, that consists of either stained or pickled finish, is refinished to a New Craftsmen Quality Painted Luster-- the process by which this occurs is called Cabinet Refinishing. For this reason there is a distinction that should be made between the two. Professional Cabinet Refinishing should consist of practices and products that are specifically design for Cabinetry. If a Painting Company claims that they are Refinishing your Cabinets, but simply uses the same process that every other painter uses to paint any other surface and like-wise uses the same product that they would use on a wall or any piece of trim, this is called Cabinet Painting. Painting companies often say they paint everything, including Cabinets. But do they really specialize in anything other than maximizing potential customers by increasing services or divisions?

At B&B Signature Painting, "We've taken the guess work out - because we have already put the hard work in". We do Paint All Surfaces, but we also Specialize in Refinishing Cabinets, Furniture, Doors & Trim. Our Exclusive Signature Process from start to finish maximizes new paint technologies while balancing the spectrum with the latest in environmentally friendly products and cutting edge techniques.

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Nov 30, 2020

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