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Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Pensacola FL

Updated: May 13, 2018

Anyone looking to update their Kitchen with A fresh look can accomplish this with a Professional Cabinet Painting & Refinishing company like B&B Signature Painting that Specializes in Cabinets. What do we mean when we say that we "specialize" in Cabinet Refinishing, one may inquire?

We focus on and find our passion in Kitchen Design and making the heart of ones home -- the warm, inviting space that everyone truly envisions by finding the perfect INSPIRATION & MOOD. If your Cabinet Painter does not offer on site spray work of your cabinets but only suggest that he use a brush, the latter should question the skill and integrity of the former one. At B&B We have a dedicated Fine-Finish Spray Shop and Finish-Spray Options on site with the latest in cutting edge technologies, like prep-work with Festool HEPA certified Dust Extraction, Sanders & Abrasives & Finish-work with Graco 9.5 Finish-Pro HVLP & airless sprayers to accommodate any task.

We can fine tune any finish and color match any color. This can only be accomplished with a personal color consultation by the actual refinishing specialist that will transform your space with Craftsman Quality Attention to Detail.

Other Cabinet Painting companies can certainly make grandiose claims regarding their former experience and finished products. But with B&B we stand by our Product Warranty and unlike other cabinet painting companies that have been around, we do it right the first time and don't have to have our work refinished by other actual experts.

At B&B Our Exclusive Signature Process & Fine-Finish was forged out of a passion and need for perfection & excellence in Process & Finish. We have taken the guess-work out because we have already put the hard work-in. B&B has an ethical standard at which we attune our senses and find our drive. Dedication, Determination, Drive & Good Old-Fashioned Hard Work Has Been Our Mainstay

Attention to Detail

At B&B Attention to Detail doesn't translate over to Attention to Retail. We are not trying to sell you our services based on a false perception of our professional tact, work ethic, & what we can actually accomplish for you. Our Promise to you:

Our Promise & Our Products

We offer The premier experience not based on the limit of your budget but our goal of giving every client an affordable fine finish and a personal touch with a smile. Our process from prep to finish maximizes new paint technologies -- while balancing the spectrum with the latest in environmentally friendly products and cutting-edge techniques. We don't just lock you into the regimented universal process of all Painters -- of paint & repeat, and call that process innovative, but give each client an individual experience that is second to literally none. Let us give you the personal Signature Treatment your project absolutely deserves today.

At B&B, we personally revitalize your kitchen, our hands perform the artisan-like tasks with an experienced and honed technique. It is our Passion at B&B to refinish your cabinetry with deft skill ourselves, not someone we hired last week.


Get in touch today to set up your  B&B Signature Profile and schedule a Personal in-home CONSULTATION


Discover what Colors INSPIRE you in your life and cast the Mood upon your home today with the Perfect B&B Signature Painting Color Match


B&B ascertains what Inspires you and personally DESIGN your space around this balance in order to capture your perfect INSPIRATION & MOOD


At  B&B we are dedicated to providing each client with a relaxing experience, a clean work environment, and our Beautiful Signature Finish -- Get THE PREMIER EXPERIENCE today

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